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Membership Categories

Membership is open to all members of the Lake Mission Viejo Association.

No boat? No problem! LMVYC has a variety of boats available for your sailing enjoyment! (some require a charter fee)

We have reached capacity and cannot accept additional memberships for the remainder of the year. Any applications received will be held until space is available.

Regular Membership

Regular memberships receive an annual membership card which allows them to take advantage of our reciprocal program with other Southern California Yachting Association (SCYA) clubs. They have voting privileges in club elections, and participate in club activities and may serve on all club committees in which they have an interest. Regular membership includes entry fees for all our regattas, refreshments and food served after regattas; free rental sail boats (Expo 14.2) on regatta days, for Wednesday sunset sailing during daylight saving time and on Friday afternoons in July and August.


Regular members are obligated to serve their turn as hospitality crew for two to three hours approximately once every two years.

Associate Membership

Associate Members enjoy the same reciprocal privileges at other SCYA clubs as regular members but do not have voting privileges and may not serve on club committees. When attending our regattas and social events, they will longer be obligated to serve as hospitality crew. However if they do wish to join us for the after race dinners, they will be welcome. They will be charged a guest fee of $10 a person. Regatta participation is $15 per vessel per regatta.

Membership: Membership
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